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since 2010​

After a career in Sales and Marketing, Simonetta Baldassari moved from Italy to Maryland in 2003. Frustrated by the lack of food diversity and fresh ingredients, she went back to its original passion: cooking!

Far from the excess of minimalist chef recipes, Simonetta's expertise is about traditional Italian family cooking, with a preference towards specialties from her beloved Tuscany and Liguria.

Simonetta has many years of experience in catering, organizing large events, as well as teaching Italian Language, Cooking and Culture.

Simonetta works and volunteers for many organizations, such as the College of Southern Maryland, Holy Rosary Church, Casa Italiana, Ambasciata d'Italia, Italian Festival and many others.  

The Bay Net

Southern Maryland This is Living (page 60)

Event Planning, Galas, Catering, Conferences, Dinner events

Simonetta Baldassari
It all began one summer day in Simonetta's kitchen....
  • Pappa = traditional tuscan soup or baby food.

  • Fresca = fresh, healthy, authentic

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